November 20, 2023

On today's episode of The Elle Duncan Show, Elle and Gary Striewski get into how Elle's teams (Georgia football and the Broncos) are playing well… a little too well. After that, Too Long Didn't Watch NFL edition before diving into America's Team which is now the Lions. Also, Brandon Staley is losing his mind, Brian Daboll has dad jokes, some people are overly confident, and Gary recaps his Formula 1 week in Vegas.
2:50 - Elle is nervous that her Georgia Bulldogs and Denver Broncos are playing a little too well right now
9:22 - Too Long Didn't Watch - Elle and Gary give you the highlights from Sunday's slate of NFL games
13:50 Elle says that the Lions are America's Team and Dan Campbell is America's Coach
20:16 - Brandon Staley seems to be losing his mind and the Chargers are down bad
23:32 - Brian Daboll is taking Elle's title of the Dad Joke Master
26:06 - A Lakers fan has too much confidence
32:08 - Gary recaps his week in Vegas with Formula 1✔️ Subscribe to ESPN+
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